Parent –Teacher Association ( PTA )

      At HCIS this year, we will be developing our Parent –Teacher Association. (PTA) We aim to work closely with our parents to help them become ‘knowledgeable partners with the school’. A large body of research over recent years shows that students who have parents that are involved in their education achieve higher academic success.

We aim to focus on 6 key areas of involvement with our parents:
       1. Parenting – To help families understand child development and to create a supportive home environment.
       2. Communication – To effectively share academic information and school programmes.
       3. Volunteering – To organize parent volunteers to support the school and students.
       4. Learning at home - We aim to inform and help families so they are able to become more involved in their children’s learning.
       5. Decision making – We aim to include our parents roles in decision making and develop parents leaders.
       6. Collaborating with the Community – We aim to coordinate and develop our parental, community and charitable links.

Our aim is to bring our school community closer and foster a positive, profitable working relationship with parents which will help us to reach our ultimate goal, which is the academic, social and behavioural progress of our students.


At HCIS we run a full calendar of cultural and educational events including extracurricular activities that challenge and extend our children’s’ learning and personal growth.
Due to current local and global circumstances, our school events calendar is under revision. As soon as have more information and events to announce we will update this section.

Events 2019 - 2020

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