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About Us

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LCIS kindergarten began in 2016 and rapidly expanded due to a growing demand for a quality international education. HCIS then opened in 2018 to cater for our current pupils and to offer them, and others, the opportunity to grow and develop. Since our opening, we have grown and expanded to provide outstanding opportunities in education for the changing cultural identity of the Mandalay community.
At HCIS we follow the Cambridge International Assessment Curriculum, which encourages independent, creative, critical thinkers. This allows us to deliver a challenging, balanced curriculum alongside the Cambridge Learner Attributes - confident, responsible, reflective, innovative & engaged to help our children develop a deep love of learning which they will then carry with them for the rest of their lives.


The mission of HCIS is to develop inquisitive, independent thinkers and collaborative learners, who acquire the essential knowledge necessary to be caring and creative contributors to the world around them.

We aim  to:

  • Provide our students with holistic and phenomenon based learning through the means of creative and critical thinking so that they can become 21 century Global Citizens.
  • Educate students of all backgrounds to provide a diverse learning environment
  • Assist students in reaching their fullest potential as both a person and student
  • Prepare our students to attend universities around the world
  • Create future leaders in their communities


The VISION of HCIS – High School is to build a bright future for our students in Myanmar through a quality and comprehensive education, regardless of demographic, financial or geographic circumstances through the use of:

  • Using 21st century teaching strategies to create 21st century students
  • Providing an in-depth and engaging curriculum that allows our students to grow into Global Citizens
  • Teachers who are experienced, passionate and committed to academic excellence
  • Incorporating a blended-learning environment to maximize student learning outcomes

HCIS Core Values

At HCIS – High School, our core values are our defining beliefs that guide us in everything we do. We apply them to our teaching, learning and our everyday actions to foster a happy, caring school community that grows and learns together.

Final Core ( 30-7 ) 1
  • respect


    Respect is a fundamental element of any relationship and we always treat other as we would like to be treated, regardless of our differences.

  • Honesty


    Thomas Jefferson said, ‘Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom’ and wisdom is what we aspire to learn.

  • kindness


    One kind word or deed can change a life, and make everybody feel like somebody; something we aim to do every day.

  • Integrity


    We always aim to do the right thing and choose the right path to develop ourselves into people who believe morality isn’t a choice.

  • responsibility


    Our mindset is one of taking responsibility for our actions and behaviour to shape our lives and futures, enabling us to make them better for ourselves and the world.

  • social-awarness

    Social Awareness

    We aim to become team oriented, real world problem solvers who are educated about global issues that affect not only us personally, but the whole planet.

  • diversity


    Celebrating each other’s uniqueness instead of highlighting our differences helps us to find unity in diversity and helps us to work together to achieve our dreams.

  • creativity


    We use our creativity to see things as they can be, not only how they are, to find connections, to make mistakes, to take risks, to experiment and to grow.

  • teamwork


    When we work together, collaborate, communicate, learn from, and teach each other, we can challenge and inspire each other to achieve wonderful things.



Between 52 and Pyin Oo Lwin street,

35 Street, Mandalay.

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Between 52 and Pyin Oo Lwin street,

35 Street, Mandalay.


HCIS – High School employs dynamic, positive and qualified educators. We are dedicated to finding educators who not only focus on how to bring out the best in students, but also those who constantly seeking to bring out the best in themselves. A commitment to prioritizing your own professional development is integral to being an exceptional educator.

Employment Opportunities :

We are now recruiting for the 2022 - 2023 Academic year.

  • Primary Teachers
  • Lower Secondary Teachers
  • IGCSE Teachers

Contact Us:

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your CV and any questions you have to Mr. Steven Bahler (Head of School) principal@hcisedu.com.

Before applying, please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Clear criminal record check from country of citizenship

  • Clean health check

  • At least two years of successful teaching experience in an international school

  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Knowledge of the Cambridge curriculum