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Steven Bahler

Greetings and welcome to HCIS – High School! I am very happy that you have decided to view our school’s website in order to learn more about the wonderful students, staff, and programs we have to offer.  HCIS – High School has a reputation of excellence and we will continue to strive to become the best.
Founded in 2017, HCIS - High School provides strong academic fundamentals built on a foundation of character education. Our students share in the responsibilities and privileges of a positive, engaging and cooperative environment that is the HCIS - High School. Small classes, committed and experienced faculty and consistently high standards inspire every student to grow, question, learn and excel to their full potential.
We are doing more than preparing our students for higher education, we are preparing them for life. We encourage students to be active life-long learners and enthusiastic participants in their school, community, and the world.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Steven Bahler
Head of School

Our Curriculum

At HCIS we use the UK linked Cambridge Curriculum to challenge our students and provide a variety of learning experiences designed to meet the learning needs of our students. There are 5 elements that underpin the heart of the Cambridge Curriculum:
International Curriculum – We offer a curriculum that is tailored to the demands of our diverse student body.
Teaching and Learning – A thorough Professional Development program helps us to enable our teachers to promote reflective learning amongst our students.
Assessment – Our assessments are designed to be flexible to allow deep subject knowledge and conceptual understanding to help our students develop higher level thinking skills.
International Recognition – Our qualifications are widely recognized by employers and universities worldwide. This gives our students the confidence that they will be valued both at home and internationally.
Global Community – Cambridge schools are part of a worldwide educational community which allows our teachers to be part of an international, professional learning community.

Academic Staff

About HCIS – High School

At HCIS we have a highly qualified, experienced team of international teachers that are committed to providing a quality education for all of our students. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver engaging lessons with exciting activities that cater to the diverse learning styles of our students.

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Outdoor Activities

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Loving Teachers

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Our Activities & Programs

At HCIS High School, we have a commitment to providing a well-balanced, progressive education. A large part of this is celebrating both local and international cultures to provide our students with a rich and varied learning experience. Our activities and educational programs are an integral part of this and are designed to be an enjoyable and inspiring part of our calendar.

Parent Testimonials

Daw Khin Thandar (Hanifa _ Junaid)

Daw Khin Thandar
(Mother of Hanifa year 4 & Junaid year 6)

“I have chosen HCIS - High School because of Cambridge Curriculum which is an international standard curriculum. I feel that HCIS is creating lessons and activities that enhance students’ knowledge, skills, attitude, actions and classroom practice. So, as a parent, I believe that HCIS will make the students’ future brighter and more successful.”

Daw L Khue Khu (Snow)

Daw Arr Khu/ L Khue Khu
(Mother of Snow year 5)

“I am very thankful to the principal and all the teachers at HCIS – High School who are demonstrating the right way to learn to be a better student, a well-behaved person as well as an enjoyable school environment. I look forward to HCIS continually becoming more successful.”

Daw Hla Wutt Yi (Audrey)

Daw Hla Wutt Yi
(Mother of Audrey Year 3)

“It took me a long time to choose a first school for my daughter. My sister had recommended LCIS, which is new, but with good, patient teachers, so we enrolled her there. Initially, I felt worried about the transition from Kindergarten to Grade 1, but she successfully finished the academic year with the help and guidance of her teachers. I am really thankful to HCIS because the school takes care of not only students’ education, but also their their well being and safety. As a parent, I also had concerns about my daughter adapting to online learning, but because HCIS’ teachers are teaching professionally, there have been no problems at all! I wish future success for all at HCIS.”


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