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We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.

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At Higher Cambridge International School we provide the foundation and resources for your children to achieve new heights in their education.


Mastery learning means that the child will understand that knowledge is constructed in the context in which the person lives.The child , then develops critical and reflective thinking skills and asks about the world they live in.They may then decide that there is also some personal or social transformation required in their world.

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Child-centered , international standard school delivering holistic environment for learning and development while valuing the culture and tradition.

Primary School

Our Primary School prides itself on having a child centred, holistic and inquiry based approach to education. Preparing our students for the future, today. Our School is an exciting place where enthusiasm and energy reach every corner of our campus. Real and Deep learning, now!

Sakamoto Japanese Mathematics

Sakamoto Mathematics School, a franchised program from Japan, enables learners to make solving word problems easy, accurate, fast and develop logical and analytical thinking skills. The more difficult the question is, the better the Sakamoto Method works. We pave a way for talented students to pursue the excellency in International Standard Annual World Mathematics Competition.

GrapeSEED English Classes

GrapeSEED is an innovative language acquisition, based on the principals of natural language development. Research-based, it closes the achievement gap in school language more quickly. Oral language proficiency is the foundation for academic success, providing a bridge to reading and writing for English Learning (EL) and English Language Proficiency (ELP) students.


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We offer authentic and quality education in a nurturing , caring and stimulating environment.

Our motto is "Real and deep learning , Now" . Important to our school is learning related to community and civil service.

We promote our country's culture  through interdisciplinary  teaching . We want our children to be global citizens in context of knowing and representing Myanmar to the world ; with an exciting curriculum and experience teachers from overseas , together we provide the foundation of our children future.

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